Why does your business need call tracking?

Why does your business need call tracking?

Messagemetric.com offers call tracking service that provides call data including missed calls. Call tracking is essential for businesses as there are many callers who turn into customers.

There are high chances that your business loses income through missing calls by potential clients. Around 70% of callers opt to hang up than leave any message on a voice mail system. This is high number and chances are that some of them would call to another person who can offer information on what they wanted meaning that you lost potential sales from that client.

The solution to problem of missing calls is using call tracking software. It can record phone numbers of callers allowing you or your team to call customers then speaks to them. It has been proven that many businesses that hire a call tracking service see a significant rise in their profit.

Benefits of call tracking

  • Call recording & analysis
  • Allows simple access to clients and customers in order to follow leads to potential sales
  • Reduces missed opportunities significantly
  • Provides data analysis by identifying calls which led to sales
  • Provided easy access to voice mail
  • Records all inbound and outbound calls
  • Performance management of staff

Superior technology

Messagemetric.com has better call tracking technology that grants these benefits to the users:

  • Instant contact after a call is missed. Time is important and chances of sale are higher is there is immediate follow up of missed call. Call tracking enables you to record unanswered phone numbers enabling you to call back these potential customers within minutes.
  • Records phone numbers of customers you contact and deletes these numbers therefore you cannot waste time or annoy clients by making repeated phone calls.
  • Allows you to monitor productivity of staff
  • Keyword tracking to show the keywords that converts to sale and the ones that do not. You can therefore plan and apply marketing strategy that is far more effective then cut costs because you will not waste marketing budgets on some   ineffective keywords.
  • Keyword prospecting

Lead generation

Call tracking services use technology that helps in generation and management of leads. It helps you to know the kind of leads that generate more business. Since conversations will be recorded, you can listen and determine how professional your staff sounds from customer perspective and the training they require.

Call tracking is extremely important for all types of businesses. It is especially more important for retail outlets since calls are their main way of generating leads. A phone call could be made by a person ready to spend hence if there will be no one to answer their call or at least call few minutes after unanswered call, it is like giving business to your competitors. This is the reason why it is important to hire a reliable call tracking firm that will   get all the essential data for growth of your customer base.


Few advantages of outsourcing SEO


Outsourcing SEO (search engine optimization) services is a topic that is discussed every time. There are very many arguments and debates about it, and the final outcome is always the advantages outweigh the drawbacks. Hence, more companies will choose to go for outsourcing instead of hiring staff to handle this. Having a robust website marketing strategy is vital, and if you want to get good results, outsourcing is the best alternative since the people working on your site will use the latest ideas that will make your website attract good traffic.

There is definitely a need to outsource these services. The outcomes are normally visible and effective way of increasing your business online presence and sales volume. In this write-up, you will discover some of the numerous advantages of outsourcing.

  1. It saves on cost- This process has been proven to offer great cost cutting measures if you don’t have a huge budget. Outsourcing will guarantee that the estimate given will be much lower than other options. This process will save you from hiring people who could be difficult to manage and satisfy. You will get value for your cash since the job will be completed as requested and on time. The final presentation will assure you maximum benefits, and you will not be charged extra.
  2. Professionalism- A major factor you will enjoy when you outsource SEO services is the level of professionalism. You are assured that everything will be done the way it should. Once the project has been completed, it will be delivered to you as per the scheduled time, and all you had expected on the contract will be honored. This is a privilege you cannot enjoy when you hire in-house personnel to work on your website. The final outcome is guaranteed of success and earns huge profits as well.
  3. Quality work- The reason for outsourcing is to get top-quality service. You cannot separate one from another because the two are synonymous. The kind of work you will get from these services is the best, and you are assured of good results. Outsourcing companies peg their success on the kind of job that will be done and the reputation that will be built if the project becomes successful. Hence, you may not be disappointed when you choose these services.
  4. Frequent monitoring and support services- The firm you outsource from does not leave you hanging. He or she will be there to support and guide you on how you can make your website to have new clients and constant traffic every time. Everything is monitored in a professional way, and you will be instructed on what to do to keep your internet presence and retain your customers.